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Gatemaster Party and Group Reservation Software

Effective Reservation MUST be:

  • EASY
  • Automatic
  • Seamlessly integrated
  • Able to track AND MONITOR details
  • Able to make the party details clear to your customer
  • Able to keep your staff from being surprised

Gatemaster does ALL of the above AND:

  • Reserves party rooms and meeting places with ease
  • Guides employees through the reservation process to eliminate errors
  • Creates automated event "itineraries" and statements
  • Creates automated time-sensitive task lists for event preparation, tracking details, and follow-up
  • Includes open account billing - important for corporate outings and other group events
  • Tracks multiple events for each customer in one easy to use Customer Account screen
  • Best of all, the Gatemaster itinerary can quickly be sent to your customer by e-mail or fax, or can be printed and mailed.

Create Flexible Packages
The Gatemaster reservation system enables you to create flexible group event packages as well as reserve scheduled entertainment and meeting areas. Gatemaster's unique calendar enables the scheduling of entertainment such as skating sessions, laser tag games, go-kart races, golf times, party rooms, tables, and pavilions. Gatemaster can pre-set the correct quantity of passes to attractions as well as add merchandise for each guest... all "one-button" easy.

Schedule With Ease
Imagine a calendar program that actually tells your reservation staff which time slot is the best one to choose for each party or group event, and can never be double-booked or become oversold! Gatemaster is the only point of sale system that automates the reservation process by guiding your staff through the scheduling of entertainment and meeting areas and highlighting the recommended times to choose. Schedule a live Internet demonstration of this feature and see it for yourself! There's nothing out there like it!

Manage Effortlessly
Gatemaster is the only point of sale system that TRULY manages your birthday party and group event business. From creating itineraries that can be e-mailed to your customers to automatically creating task lists for your staff, Gatemaster has unique tools to help you organize and manage party and group reservations.

Itineraries That Inform - The Gatemaster itinerary is unique in that it automatically lists in chronological order all of the scheduled activities reserved for the event. In addition, Gatemaster calculates the correct amount of food and merchandise to include for each event and lists it clearly and concisely on the itinerary. The Gatemaster itinerary gives customers a complete overview of all the important details of their event such as:

  • Arrival and departure times
  • Scheduled times for each attraction
  • Deposit due and balance owed
  • Special instructions or requirements
  • Included merchandise and food
  • Amenities
  • Itemized party packages
  • Any additional rules and requirements your facility may have

Options That Remind - Imagine a reservation system that reminds your staff to ask all the right questions to each customer during the reservation process. To ensure that up selling always occurs and that nothing "slips through the cracks", Gatemaster provides the appropriate questions to ask based upon the type of event reserved. Birthday parties, group events, school field trips, corporate events, and more all can have a different set of pre-set questions and available answers. This is another example of how Gatemaster directly helps you to dramatically increase sales.

Tasks That Organize - Gatemaster automatically creates task lists for your staff that can cover all aspects of event management including the preparation stage, operation of the actual event, and the follow-up after the event is finished. This task list can be printed, faxed, or e-mailed to the appropriate staff.

Party Ready List - Have your party "ready list" in hand at the beginning of any given day to make sure there are no surprises for the party host, the kitchen, or your customer.

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