About Us

Control your amusement business.

Since 1994 Gatemaster Systems has developed the leading point-of-sale and ticketing software for amusement facilities. Our software is unique in that all point-of-sale features are easily accessible from a single all-inclusive program – not separate add-on modules. Together with internet ticketing & scheduling, which is integrated and real time, your ticketing solution is complete. Whether you require one station for a small Family Entertainment Center (FEC) or 1,000 stations for a large Amusement Park – Gatemaster is your solution.

We have an excellent and proven software solution that has been tried and tested in multiple environments.  With twenty years experience and over 800 clients in 16 different countries  Gatemaster is well positioned for growth.  We are pleased to offer you our expertise and create a solution for your business.

More Than Just Point-Of-Sale Software


Point-of-Sale Ticketing and Control

Imagine – no more long lines at the ticket window, instead the process is quick and painless. Professional-quality season passes, tickets, and waterproof wristbands are all printed on demand. Your marketing department issues consignment tickets to local businesses. Customers who call can have tickets sent by e-mail or placed in will-call for pickup at any Gatemaster station. All ticket types can be used to electronically gain admission to attractions throughout the facility.

For convenience, your customers can pay using a credit card, gift certificate, color photo Season Pass, wristband, or just charge to their hotel room. If they purchased tickets online, their reservations are intact and confirmation is a breeze. Every department uses the same familiar point-of-sale interface to do their work.

Facility and Resource Scheduling

Selling a scheduled ticket is just as easy and fast as a regular ticket. When scheduling customers into attractions like tours, shows, exhibits, or simulators, your staff will know with a glance, exactly how many spots are left and what the availability is in the future. They are able to quickly look up, schedule, or reschedule guests without over booking.

Customer Tracking and Cashless Access Control

Now you are able to gather contact information, surveys, and purchase histories efficiently and, in many cases, automatically. Customers are using the built-in cashless system to access their money at any point-of-sale station, kiosk, turnstile, or attraction throughout the facility. Season pass accounts can include spending credit, discounts, and more, while parents can impose child-spending limits. Meanwhile at the redemption counter, cashiers are able to easily redeem prizes for a roomful of excited kids – back and forth as they decide. Since you’ve made it easy and fun for your customers, spending and return visits increase dramatically!

Party and Group Reservations

Visualize your large and small group events perfectly organized from beginning to end. Your events are planned and scheduled from any point-of-sale station with every staff asking the right questions. Once the event is reserved, your customer receives an automated event itinerary – not just an invoice… an itinerary! Now everyone knows what to expect, customer and staff alike. On the day of the event things go like clockwork, including food, attractions, and amenities. Event coordinators http://essayonlinewriter.com/ have automatic task lists ensuring nothing is forgotten. Your staff verifies the flow of large groups with wireless handheld units or wristbands. Billing is clean and easy. Plus, party and group events can be set up online as well! Imagine happy party moms and event managers!

Retail and Inventory Control

Picture your retail centers using Gatemaster’s bar code scanners and touch screens. Watch as cashiers effortlessly sell food, beverages, and merchandise. Enjoy the customer bustle and know that Gatemaster will page you when inventory is low. As supplies arrive from vendors, updating your inventory will take only a few minutes. Now you can have one centralized report for all sources of income.

Cash Control and Employee Security

Your entertainment facility is a heavy cash business, the majority of your staff are young, and turnover can be frequent. Gatemaster has enabled you to track the flow of cash, providing you with real-time accountability and reporting. From your office, monitor important data at all times such as how much money is in each cashier’s register. Imagine the time saved by letting Gatemaster notify you when an important issue arises.