Gatemaster Case Study - Fountain Valley Skating Center

I visited with Ryan Labriola of Fountain Valley Skating Center located in Fountain Valley, California. It is a family owned roller skating rink and arcade that has been around for more than 40 years. Ryan's 85-year-old grandfather opened the facility and is still an active part of operations today. 


Challenges: The facility was still using a basic cash register and ticker tape. There was no easy way to track theft and inventory, and no built in loss-prevention measures. They were looking for a solution to bring the facility up to date and to make it more efficient with reporting and inventory tracking capabilities. The biggest problem was tracking the prize redemption area and wanting digital packing lists for the inventory. 

Customer Review - Sun City Anthem

I just wanted to share how much your team (James and Joe M) helped me in the last 8 months. The attention your team pays to the details of each problem is amazing, What your team does is really motivating and keeps me motivated that they are always there for help any time we need them.

Kart Kountry Family Entertainment Center

The GateMaster System has been a great addition to our facility. The system is easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to get information at the touch of a button. GateMaster can do it all. What would have taken days (to gather the information) can now be done in seconds, with the Report function. Not only has it been a timesaver, but a money saver as well. I can now track what has been sold easier, deterring theft from my staff and customers.

Customer Review - Fairmount Glen Miniature Golf

February 11, 2013

Fairmount Glen Miniature Golf
210 Onondaga Road
Syracuse ,NY 13219

I was initially impressed with Gatemasters training departments enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor. My past experience of training or tech departments has been that one they are looking at a script when talking to you and two if they go off script you find out they have no clue of what their talking about.