Build a Better Guest Experience

As attraction operators, we all strive to offer the best possible guest experience. We know that our guests want the best experience possible and we know that they are willing to pay more to get it. When we create products and packages that are packed with meaningful enhancements, market them properly, and train our staff to position them to the right audience, we are contributing to an improved guest experience. Here are 4 strategies to drive revenue by enhancing your product lineup.

Add Gatemaster to Your IAAPA 2018 Expo Plans!

Add Gatemaster to your IAAPA expo plans. It’s easy for registered attendees, just click the widget below. IAAPA will be held November 13th - 16th, 2018 at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC). Visit us at booth 3333. If you would like to attend and need tickets, please contact Brandi Blair at or 510-799-9725 ext. 4422.

Modern Mobile Marketing’s Massive Returns

You don’t need to monitor market trends to know that mobile devices are the public’s primary gateway to the Internet. You can’t use a desktop or laptop while waiting in line for coffee, while pushing a stroller, or while running on a treadmill. Despite this easily observable reality, many amusement and attraction owners still view the mobile version of their site as secondary.


Join Us at the 2018 WWA Show in Vegas!

Visit us at booth 1409 for the WWA Show, October 24th – 25th! 

Come say "Hi" and let us show you how Gatemaster can improve both your guest's experience and your bottom line.

5 Reasons to Hold Consistent Employee Meetings

With many different people, teams, or departments working together on projects, it’s easy for information to get jumbled or disorganized. Understanding the size and scope of all projects and keeping project goals in mind can be a large task for management. Meetings give your employees a platform to express their concerns while also bringing them together so that they feel valued.


The Mirror or the Pillow -  Reacting to Difficult Guest Situations

Anyone who has worked in guest service knows that it is an undisputed fact that you will have to deal with an angry or upset guest. How you (or your team members) respond can make all the difference between the situation being resolved at first contact or the situation being prolonged and escalated. Today I would like to share a story from a colleague (with their permission):


How Loyalty Programs & CRM Systems Transform the Guest Experience

The last time you took a trip, did you use a frequent flier number when you booked your fight? Perhaps you stayed in a hotel that has a reward program. Maybe you redeemed points for free perks during your stay, or maybe you even used the points to pay for your room.  Most hotel and airline chains offer loyalty programs through which customers earn points for purchases. As points accumulate, the member benefits from the loyalty program in the form of redemption points for free hotels, flights, and other special perks. These same loyalty accounts can also link to credit cards to accumulate even more points. The more outlets from which the loyalty member can accumulate points, the more data the systems exchange.


While the company rewards the member with perks and freebies, the company is also indexing massive amounts of data about their members. Companies then use this data to communicate with their customers through more efficient and precise offers. This is the power of CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, and it’s catching on in the attractions world.


Why One System Will Simplify your Waterpark Processes

Support Ticket Creation Tips 101

Creating a new ticket in a professional and thoroughly informative manner takes effort. At Gatemaster, we've resolved thousands of tickets. Taking all we've learned - we discovered the most important information in a ticket and what gets our resolutions delivered to customers as fast as possible. By following these guidelines, we can work together to prioritize turnover time while reducing the total amount of correspondence overall.

Gatemaster E-Commerce Certification Crash Course Scholarships

Apply now for your chance at being awarded a scholarship to our upcoming

E-Commerce Certification Get-A-Way Crash Course, September 20 – 21st.

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