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Gatemaster Systems is an innovative point-of-sale and ticketing platform designed to meet the unique requirements of customer-centered businesses, both onsite and online. All of your point-of-sale needs are integrated into our single application. This means more time, increased revenue, and the flexibility to meet all your customer's needs. Gatemaster Systems was founded in 1994 with the goal of providing one seamless, scalable ecosystem to help businesses boost their efficiency and grow alongside them as their business continues to grow.
Imagine having control of your business with one centralized point-of-sale and ticketing software for all sources of income because every department uses the same familiar point-of-sale interface to do their work. Our software is unique in that all point-of-sale features are easily accessible from a single all-inclusive program – no need to buy separate add-on modules.


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Software Features




+ ParkTab: Facility-Wide Tab System

ParkTab is an exclusive Gatemaster Entertainment Enterprise feature that allows for a facility wide tab system for all areas of your location like cabana service, rentals, parties, events, gift shop, pro shop, bar, and concessions. Guest’s simply have their credit card pre-authorized at the start of the day to get started. With preauthorization of credit cards, it protects your business from invalid payments or insufficient funds and makes the guest's experience, effortless.

Mobile-option coming soon!

+ Gift Cards
Our gift card system is built right into the main screen of the point-of-sale. There you can spend, check balances and history, register a card and even transfer balances to another card holder. It’s easy to use and best of all there is no per-card or transaction fee with Gatemater’s software.
+ Retail and Gift Shops
Picture your retail centers using Gatemaster barcode scanners and touch screens. Watch as your cashiers effortlessly sell food, beverages, and merchandise. Enjoy the atmosphere with the knowledge that Gatemaster will e-mail you when inventory is low. As supplies arrive from vendors, updating your inventory will take only a few minutes. Now you can have one centralized report for all sources of income.
+ Food and Beverage

Why is Gatemaster better for your snack bar?

  • Issue tickets – even reservation tickets right from your retail point-of sale stations!
  • Season pass holders can automatically receive discounts while you track purchases.
  • Families can enforce limits on children’s charging to the account – restricting some types of items while giving higher limits to others.
  • Check on a group's event information.
  • Do you have a hotel? Just charge it to their room.

Gatemaster for the Kitchen

  • Instantly view food orders in the kitchen on a full size touch screen.
  • Use touch or keyboard/mouse.
  • Displays six orders at a time.
  • Scroll through all your unfilled orders.
  • Clear an order with one touch.
  • Displays the number of minutes since an order has been placed.
  • Summarizes ALL unfilled orders on the right side.


All this from ONE screen!

+ Rentals
Rental Management – Manage rentals and always know which items are available, which are rented, and track the details for each using deposits, late fees, and more!
+ Back Office Management
With Gatemaster’s management tools, you will stay in touch with your business from your back-office, in the comfort of your home, or anywhere else in the world! Watch a complete overview of your point of sale activities in real-time from your back-office! Gatemaster will call you if your attention is needed. Reports – Real Time Gatemaster’s solutions offer a breakthrough in centralized park reporting! Real-time Revenues – catch trends as they happen! Pull reports anytime you need to track any aspect of your revenues. Many reports come standard with Gatemaster and provide a myriad of selection criteria.
+ Ticketing and Wristbands
Gatemaster helps you eliminate the direct costs associated with the inventory and theft of pre-printed tickets and wristbands. Plus, with no per ticket charge, Gatemaster isn’t skimming the overhead off your ticket prices!


Boca-Printer With Gatemaster in place, tickets and wristbands will print at the point of sale for paying customers only and are useless beforehand. The relevant transaction data and bar code will print on the ticket or wristband at the time of sale and eliminates the need to track the inventory given to each cashier. Gatemaster’s point of sale system produces unique, attractive tickets quickly and automatically. But we take ticketing several steps further.


Gatemaster can print receipts, tickets, wristbands, and photo ID cards with speed and professionalism from any point of sale workstation in the network. We provide only the highest quality and most reliable printers on the market that have been field-tested for durability over long periods of use. The result is a crisp and clean print every time. Every attraction can have a different ticket or wristband design for easy visual authorization by entry attendants. Every discounted ticket can have a different design in order to be easy to recognize by cashiers. Sell combination ticket packages at the touch of a single button and allow for remote ticket validation and canceling using turnstiles, hand held scanners, or point-of-sale terminals. Automatically open doors or turnstiles for the customer with just a scan. Print your own waterproof wristbands for any water rides and attractions, all day passes, etc.

+ Membership and Season Passes
ID Cards
Start an account for your members and season pass holders, print a professional photo ID card, control their access to attractions, and track their buying patterns. Create multiple levels of memberships each with their own price, duration, photo ID card, discount, and entitlement to entertainment. Enhance their experience from photo ID cards and family memberships to spending controls and special discounts, Gatemaster is designed to create customer loyalty and ensure repeat business. Design and print custom photo ID cards in seconds for your customers to give them easy access to their account and provide security and peace of mind for parents. Create memberships, day passes, season passes, and other forms of “entitlements” to encourage your customers to buy in bulk, save money, and receive special discounts in any area of your business.


  • Create packages that entitle customers to discounted access to multiple attractions and other items such as food, merchandise, and events.
  • Handle large groups and track their progress through your facility as items are purchased and money is used.
  • Get quick access to a guest’s account by scanning a barcode, Smart Chip, WristTicket, Gatemaster customized color photo ID card, or just look them up using their name, phone number, or nickname.
  • Family Spending Controls – Give parents the ability to put limits on where and how much money their children spend and eliminate the fear of them losing it!

Market to Your Customers

Gatemaster enhances your marketing efforts by enabling you to market to your database of customers using very narrow filtering capabilities. Select customers by name, zip code, age, birth month, party or event type, membership type, and more and automatically print to mailing labels for a direct mailing campaign. Select only your VIP members to send them a flyer on an upcoming “members-only” event. Mail your birthday flyer to every child between the ages of 5 and 14 with birthdays in June.

+ Event Booking
Manage Effortlessly


Gatemaster is the only point-of-sale system that TRULY manages your birthday party and group event business. From creating itineraries that can be e-mailed to your customers to automatically creating task lists for your staff, Gatemaster has unique tools to help you organize and manage party and group reservations.

Gatemaster does ALL of the above AND:

  • Reserves party rooms, cabana rentals, group reservations, and meeting places with ease
  • Guides employees through the reservation process to eliminate errors
  • Creates automated event “itineraries” and statements
  • Creates automated time-sensitive task lists for event preparation, tracking details, and follow-up
  • Includes open account billing – important for corporate outings and other group events
  • Tracks multiple events for each customer in one easy-to-use Customer Account screen
  • Best of all, the Gatemaster itinerary can quickly be sent to your customer by e-mail or fax, or can be printed and mailed.
+ Vouchers
Rain Checks


Many entertainment venues offer a rainy day guarantee. Gatemaster makes it easy to offer this to your customers.

  • Automatically recharges existing day tickets
  • Avoid lines and increase customer satisfaction
  • Valid until end of season (or any date you choose)
  • Increases internal security

Bounce Back Passes

Keep your customers coming back. Create combos, or vouchers to give your customers something to bring them back.It could be free admission, a free game, discounts, giveaways or special events – the options are endless!

+ Consignment Ticketing
Allows you to print blocks of tickets. The system only charges the consignment partner for tickets actually redeemed. Consignments tickets can go straight through a smartgate! No need to turn them in at a ticket window like a voucher. Ability to print your statements from Gatemaster.
+ Rewards Program
Do you want to give your customer’s incentives for spending at your facility? With Gatemaster, you can give customers rewards when they reach a set dollar amount and receive incentives for spending at your facility.
+ Redemption
Manage your redemption center with scanners! We allow you to move from customer to customer no more getting held up by slow decision maker. Have up to four guest being served at one time. Simply scan and go! Transfer points between customers. Can be used with Gatemaster cashless or with existing ticket eaters.
+ Kiosks
Can be used as a station for digital liability waivers, ticket & wristband sales! Use a Kiosk as an onsite marketing tool. Add a Kiosk to allow your customer work for you! Kiosks can have ticket and wristband printers, smart gates and touch screens. We also have a Kiosk that is weatherproof!
+ Web Store
Gatemaster has continued to follow technological advances and was one of the first companies to offer cashless wristband technology and digital liability waivers. Gatemaster continues to stay cutting edge by offering integrated eCommerce for real-time web sales.


  • Fully integrated with your Gatemaster database.  No more reconciling of web sales and walk up sales.  Completely automated reporting of all sales; walk-up, web or phone.
  • Real time – Instant reporting.  Sales show up real-time on your POS. No double booking.  Easily manage capacities.
  • True Capacity Management – Easily manage capacities whether they are booked onsite, over the phone or online.  Never worry about overbooking or double-booking.
  • Online ticketing or voucher sales – Sell vouchers or tickets online.  Customers can choose to print their ticket at home or store their ticket(s) on a smartphone for easy access.  Combine with entry point to eliminate a stop at the point-of-sale.
  • Online donations – Easily take donations online (or onsite).  Great for fundraisers, special events, and non-profits.
  • Online group events – Online party booking with deposit or paid-in-full.  Reserve birthday party room along with party package and any upsells.  Emails the customer a confirmation with itinerary.  Sends your party staff an email alert.
  • Optional Payment plan – Offer your customers the option to pay over time for online season pass purchases!  Increase your bottom line and your customer’s satisfaction.  Talk to a sales member for details.
  • Mobile Apps – Put your season pass on a smart phone!  Eliminate card printing and fulfillment costs.  Scans at entry point, completely bypassing the point-of-sale.
  • Season Pass Photo upload – Allow your customers to upload and crop their own photos for online season pass purchases! (Add Gatemaster’s Mobile Season Pass App for completely self-serve season passes)
  • Digital Liability Waivers – Online digital liability waivers.  Allow customers to fill out waivers onsite, on any mobile device, or at home before they come in.  Automatically tracked in Gatemaster customer account.
+ Access Control
Let Gatemaster be your security. It can control access to your park, games, rides and even specific sections or events. We have multiple types of access control systems to fit your needs. Whether you need a fixed turnstile, Mobile device to allow flexibility or just a simple fixed scanning device.


Gatemaster can allow you to decide how to control your location!

  • Turnstiles, Mobile, Fixed
  • Tickets can be controlled by…
    • Attraction Ticket, single ride or multi-ride, specific attractions only or all attractions.
    • Ticket can allow for any allotment of time play.
    • Single day tickets & Multi-day ticket
    • Tickets can be set for a specific times &/or specific dates
+ Cashless System
Tired of penny pinching debit systems? Gatemaster allows you to have the technology without the fees! Gatemaster enables you to monitor and maintain your equipment as well as remove bottlenecks. The fact is Gatemaster is the only debit card system that can do this. These capabilities along with complete point-of-sale integration make Gatemaster the best choice for your game room.
Morey’s Piers Smartgatee Smartgate Model A on 5 Foot Post E2 Screen
  • No ongoing charges for “Play Cards” or account numbers. We don’t take a percentage of your business.
  • Pre-print “Play Cards” at your local printer or print them from your ticket printer at the time of purchase.
  • Smartgates know the moment redemption dispensers are low, empty, jammed, or broken AND when they’re fixed. When attention is needed and/or equipment is repaired Smartgates send messages to the back office and e-mail the appropriate staff for immediate action.
  • If a redemption game stops dispensing tickets for any reason your customer can keep playing. Ticket winnings will be stored on their “Play Card”. The next game played automatically dispenses tickets owed.
  • Some customers want tickets – some don’t. Customers can request to have winnings saved to their “Play Card”. Ticket credits will automatically be available at the Gatemaster Redemption counter by scanning their Card.
  • Instantly view “Play Card” history at any Gatemaster point-of-sale station.
  • Customers can purchase “Timed Play” where, for a period of time, games are played free. Since redemption tickets won’t dispense for “Timed Play” even redemption games can be played.
  • Seamless integration with Gatemaster’s Point-of-sale, Kiosk, Web and Redemption system

In reports see at a glance:

  • If you are charging too few tickets for a redemption item.
  • What your best paying games are.
  • Your exact game play credit value – not just an estimate.
  • Your Redemption game payout percentage.
  • The return on investment for each game.
  • The total dollar value of your inventory.
  • The total dollar value paid out in redemption prizes.
  • What your most popular prizes are at each ticket price level.