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Amusement Parks

Imagine your Amusement Park with Gatemaster

Imagine scanning customer tickets with turnstiles and wireless handhelds. Many guests have Internet tickets or consignment passes from hotels. Some have season passes or coupons. Others simply present their hotel keys. All are automatically verified and tracked by Gatemaster with a quick scan.

Events and parties have never been so easy. Groups of all sizes are managed throughout your park – down to the individual. Watch your staff check-off party guests as they go through a buffet line or other function. The most comprehensive party and reservation system ever built into a point-of-sale system is tracking and organizing every detail for you.

Accounting is so much easier now that even portable carts are connected to the network. Because all points-of-sale have live connections, Gatemaster’s built in cashless system works throughout your park as easily as cash. With a range of miles, a register, turnstile or handheld device can be connected wireless and operated anywhere in the park – as needed.

Back in your office, you can watch “real time” income totals and other vital information revise as registers throughout the park continually update. As you observe, you may decide to adjust a few prices or send an instant message to a register. Even if you are not in your office, Gatemaster will alert you when inventory gets low or a cashier’s drawer gets too full.

At a moments notice, and at your request, Gatemaster can take over any point-of-sale station anywhere in the world to guide you or to make a repair. Help is always available.

Since Gatemaster was designed to integrate with an accounting package and property management package, all business procedures are more efficient.

How did you ever live without Gatemaster? You know the time is right…

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