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Family Entertainment Centers


All kinds of Family Entertainment Centers and Indoor Play areas can benefit from Gatemaster’s tools and systems. Facilities from laser tag to mini-golf can take advantage of specially designed features built into the Gatemaster POS system. Below are just a few examples of FEC’s currently using our tools.

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Mini Golf
Gatemaster has features that are specifically designed for mini-golf facilities. Let us show you how you can secure your course for paid players. Using Gatemaster, your birthday parties will be organized and profitable and synchronized with golf times. If you have been thinking of selling tickets and merchandise online Gatemaster can have you on the web, in real time, with no per ticket charges.


Imagine your promotions organized, tracked and recorded. Never before have you been able to see in print the effectiveness of your marketing. Watch your staff when they are presented with a coupon. They simply scan it to automatically checks expiration, track where it came from and apply discounts – even coupons good for multiple players.

With any paid golf admission, a dated souvenir scorecard with the number of players is printed. Now, even on the course, you can easily identify players that have paid. Some entrances have a turnstile to control passage and will open by scanning a bar-code.

Golf equipment is checked-out with admission then easily checked back in at game end.

Events and parties have never been so painless – they can even be scheduled though the online web store. Any employee can book parties, reserve party rooms, schedule course times and select party packages with food – from any register. The most comprehensive party and reservation system ever built into a point-of-sale system is tracking and organizing every detail for you.

Since your whole facility can be monitored from the back office it takes fewer employees to run it. Even your redemption counter is more efficient with one employee doing the work of four. Sit back and watch “real time” income totals and other vital information revise as registers continually update. Even if you are not in your office, Gatemaster will alert you when inventory gets low or a cashier’s drawer gets too full.

Gatemaster has developed a system with features specifically designed to address the needs of go-kart tracks. Using Gatemaster, your birthday parties will be organized, profitable and synchronized with your track times. Turnstiles, scanners or Smartgates can be used to control your admissions and season passes; all completely integrated with the web store and onsite sales.


Imagine your customers using a “membership driver’s license” to gain entrance to your track. A beautiful color license with photo can be printed from any register. Even after customers go home they keep your license in their wallet – essentially carrying your business card wherever they go.

Some customers setup their membership license account on the web store. A license account, whether setup online or at your facility, can be used by customers as a “cashless” method of payment. Gatemaster will automatically apply discounts and record purchases.

At the track, your staff greets customers as they pass through turnstiles – automatically canceling tickets or charging consignment accounts as they go through. Since regular admission tickets can be scanned and used once there is no more handing off old tickets for later use.

One more time around the track? Attendants simply scan a license with a wireless handheld while the driver sits in the car – then off they go. Nearby the track there is a touch screen kiosk where customers buy tickets or add money to their cashless account – completely taking cash control out of the hands of attendants.

There are increased sales at the snack bars as well as portable carts and kiosks. The cashless license card will work throughout the facility as easily as cash! Even video games and your redemption counter are networked in. You can place a wireless point-of-sale turnstile or operate a handheld device anywhere in your facility.

Laser Tag
Gatemaster has been the absolute best point-of-sale system for facilities featuring Laser tag. We know what you need to run games, parties and secure your cash receipts. Gatemaster has the essential Laser tag features you need to stay organized and profitable. In fact we can confidently state that you will increase your appreciation for how Gatemaster runs your laser tag facility for years after you install it.


At a Glance, you can know:

  • Name and times of upcoming games
  • Number of players in each game
  • Availability for more players
  • Minutes until the next game

Laser Game Control:

  • Adjust player capacity for each game – never oversell.
  • Individually open and close games to additional sales.
  • Sell players or parties of players into future games.
  • Guided booking of events that include laser games.
  • Last moment changes to player or event scheduling.
  • Laser game roster reports.

Track and Manage:

  • Coupons and laser tag promotions
  • Memberships and Member privileges
  • Gift and game room cards
  • All day laser tag passes
  • Events / Parties
  • Customer rewards
Skating Rink
Gatemaster has developed a system with features specifically designed to address the needs of Skating rinks. Using Gatemaster, your birthday parties will be organized and profitable. Rentals and rental deposits will be streamlined. By implementing the Gatemaster point-of-sale system you will have the tools to cut costs and improve efficiency.


Build Customer Loyalty

Easy – Gather new customer information quickly, track purchase histories, and automatically build a database for your follow-up marketing efforts.

Fun – Develop customer loyalty and ensure repeat business using photo ID cards, family memberships, “spending controls”, entitlements, and more.

Powerful – Enhance your marketing efforts by mailing to customers using a range of filtering criteria including name, zip code, age, date of birth, party or membership type, and more.

Streamline Party & Group Reservations

Flexible – Create the most flexible birthday party and group event packages. Reserve facility resources together with other attractions, merchandise, food, and more.

Intelligent – GateMaster guides reservation staff through the scheduling process, recommends the best time slots to choose, and ensures that no area is oversold.

Automated – Staff task lists are created that cover the critical aspects of each event including preparation, operation, and follow-up.

Improve Facility Management

Integrated – Manage skating surfaces, laser tag arenas, food & beverage, retail sales, game rooms, birthday parties & group events, redemption, rentals, and other attractions with ease.

Versatile – Print receipts, wristbands, tickets, photo ID cards, food order slips, and more all in the same transaction.

Organized – Schedule birthday parties & group events, sell season passes & memberships, and view multiple calendars for your scheduled attractions ALL from the same POS station.

Cashless Game Rooms
We do more than allow you to replace tokens with a debit card. We enable you to monitor and maintain your equipment. The fact is Gatemaster has the only debit card system that can do this. These capabilities along with complete point-of-sale integration make Gatemaster the best choice for your game room.


With Gatemaster’s point-of-sale software at its core Gatemaster “Smartgates” operate turnstiles and video games as well as track and cancel tickets. Since “Smartgates” are mini-computers they have the ability to store data and monitor the status of your equipment while continually reporting to your back office.

Smartgates enable customers to access their account anywhere in your facility using just about any type of card or wristband.

With Gatemaster’s point-of-sale software at its core Smartgates operate turnstiles and video games as well as track and cancel tickets. Since Smartgates are mini-computers they have the ability to store data and monitor the status of your equipment all while continually reporting to your back office.

More reasons Gatemaster has a better debit system

  • No ongoing charges for “Play Cards” or account numbers. We don’t take a percentage of your business.
  • Pre-print “Play Cards” at your local printer or print them from your ticket printer at the time of purchase.
  • Smartgates know the moment redemption dispensers are low, empty, jammed, or broken AND when they’re fixed. When attention is needed and/or equipment is repaired Smartgates send messages to the back office and e-mail the appropriate staff for immediate action.
  • If a redemption game stops dispensing tickets for any reason your customer can keep playing. Ticket winnings will be stored on their “Play Card”. The next game played automatically dispenses tickets owed.
  • Some customers want tickets – some don’t. Customers can request to have winnings saved to their “Play Card”. Ticket credits will automatically be available at the Gatemaster Redemption counter by scanning their Card.
  • Instantly view “Play Card” history at any Gatemaster point-of-sale station.
  • Customers can purchase “Timed Play” where, for a period of time, games are played free. Since redemption tickets won’t dispense for “Timed Play” even redemption games can be played.
  • Seamless integration with Gatemaster’s Point-of-sale, Kiosk, Web and Redemption system

In reports see at a glance:

  • If you are charging too few tickets for a redemption item
  • What your best paying games are
  • Your exact game play credit value – not just an estimate
  • Your Redemption game payout percentage
  • The return on investment for each game
  • The total dollar value of your inventory
  • The total dollar value paid out in redemption prizes
  • What your most popular prizes are at each ticket price level.

On the web customers can update their “Play Card” account:

  • Add value
  • View balance
  • Add name and address
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